Sofa beds can provide the perfect solution for maximising space in your lounge, bedroom or guest room. To create the most of your space, use the sofa for everyday use and simply pull out the bed when you have guests. Our sofa beds are supremely comfortable both as a bed and a sofa, ensuring luxury and relaxation at every stage.

Our carefully curated range provides a selection of styles and colours, each sofa bed uniquely designed, many with built-in storage, making their integration into your room seamless. No matter the décor of your room, whether it’s classic or contemporary, we have sofa beds in fabric or faux leather finishes, guaranteed to look fantastic.

What’s more, buying a sofa bed from The Mattress Palace won’t cost you a fortune, and thanks to our price promise, you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve got a great deal. If you like what you see but have some questions about our sofa beds or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to call us on 011 025 0164.

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