History of Dreams

The first The Mattress Palace store was opened by founder, Niel  in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2008. Over the next 9 years he gradually expanded the company, and by 2008, when The Mattress Palace opened its own factory in Johannesburg, there were 2 stores.

Since then the business has grown to become Britain’s most recognised bed specialist.

At the heart of this success has been a focus on people (colleagues and customers) and product. With both customers and employees in mind, every single The Mattress Palace store in the country has been renovated. This has included refreshing signage and store layout, as well as introducing the “Comfort by Colour” proposition. A simple and effective way of categorising customers’ potential mattress choices by colour, Comfort by Colour is a unique initiative in the sector and has been successful in making the shopping experience easier and more straightforward for the customer.

The factory and warehouse have also been fully modernised, investing significant funds in state of the art machinery. This has not only improved productivity, but also the quality of the product, which has had a noticeable impact on customer satisfaction.

The marketing and customer services departments now sit in-house at ’Bedquarters’ in High Wycombe. With 15 employees, The Mattress Palace represents the central contact centre for The Mattress Palace’ entire network of stores and distribution centres, as well as the base for all customer service operations.

Listening to customers and putting their needs first is key to the success of The Mattress Palace. Pillow Talk, a customer feedback tool, was introduced in 2014 to help customers provide feedback on their purchase experience. Since its introduction, over 110,000 customers have used the service both online and in-store, and The Mattress Palace has been able to use the feedback to affect real change in the business.

Finally, The Mattress Palace has sought to communicate its expertise on sleep. In 2015, ‘Replace Every 8’ campaign was launched. This was an industry-changing initiative centred on educating the public about the importance of replacing one’s mattress every 8 years. Using multiple channels to explain the importance a mattress can have when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, the campaign continues today and has changed the way that millions of people think about their sleeping habits.

This commitment to changing the way people think about sleep has manifested itself in the Sleep Palace Club. Made up of online and social content, the Sleep Palace Club is a growing collection of tips, educational tools and even an app, all aimed at educating customers about the value and importance of sleep.

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